Wednesday, March 23, 2011

First Day in the Snow...many many days ago

Here are the pictures of Christopher with his very first day playing in the snow. Now of course he had seen snow before and touched it...a couple times. But he had never been able to go out and play in it until one day in January after we got him in all his new snow gear.

He wasn't sure why I kept putting clothes on him.

But as you can see it didn't take long to have some fun.

The only thing is...he didn't really want anything to do with the snow...mostly just the snow shovel. (And I love this picture with the beautiful background scenery).

I have the funniest video of him pushing the snow shovel, and then he gets mad at it because it gets stuck on some ice, and so he bites it! Then he falls face-first in the snow! Sounds mean, but it's really really funny...and I've tried and tried to share it but it just won't upload. It's only about 2 min long...and suggestions?


Brigham, Kari, Lydia & Ammon said...

Dumb Blogger won't let you post videos over a certain size. I think 2 minutes is about the cut off. I know from experience. You should definitely post it on facebook so I can see it!

Heidi Mae said...

He's getting so big!
And I miss the Utah mountains. :(

ps we have another blog address you can put on your blog roll to let you know when we update. check out our blog to get it. ;)

Stacie said...

Loving the rosy cheeks. Glad the snow is gone, though. :) You can bring the video here and I'll convert it for you if you want.

Becca said...

hopefully he will continue to have a love for snow shovels as i am sure he will shovel many driveways in his lifetime.

McCall said...

Ok you better lock your doors because I will eat your little guy if I get the chance! He is too cute!!

Gary Hutton said...

Can you send me the file in an email. Perhaps I can upload it somewhere.

Great pictures. I like the background also.

Gary Hutton said...

I remember one day when I was young. We lived in Reading California. It does snow there. One day when the weather was just right mom dressed me up. And she put on me idiot mittens. You know the kind that have a string attached between the two and it goes behind your back. I could never lose those when I took them off.

That day we made a snowman and put a carrot up for his nose.

What a great day.

The Tobey's said...

I love these pictures!! He looks so cute all bundled up!