Thursday, November 4, 2010

Pumpkins and Hamburgers

Happy Halloween! We like to carve us some pumpa-kins in our family. This would be Christophers first experience with the pumpa-kin carvin.

He wasn't too sure about it at first...

Actually he didn't like it at all, as you can see me putting his hand in to touch the pumpkin guts.

We ended up with a wolf, a grave site, and a racoon jumping out of a jack-o-lantern.

And here's our little hamburger...
It's like he just jumped right out of that happy meal and started walkin around.


Craigs most favorite time of year has come and gone. Hunting season! I'm glad he has something to show for it this year. He's been in school every year since we've been married and hasn't really been able to go. After 5 years of marriage, the term 'Hunting Widow' makes a lot more sense. You should really hear the story from Craig but, let's be honest Craig, you'll probably never make a post on our blog again. :) Love you though!
If he were to tell you how it went he'd say something about how he and his brothers got up at like 4 am and hike 20 miles up the mountain before noon everyday. And I think that's pretty much it. Ha

Christopher had a Birthday (his very first one!)

Chris's birthday was on September 30th. He weighed 25 lbs 9 oz and was somewhere around 31-33 in long. I don't even remember exactly. I know, I know that's so bad becuase I should be logging his stats in a scrapbook or something like that, right? All I know is he was off the charts again in all categories so it doesn't really matter how tall he is because it's pretty much garaunteed that he is bigger than your kid at this age. He is even bigger than his Daddy was at one (thanks to Grandma Yerke who kept a log in a scrapbook of all that stuff).

So anyway the big boy is ready to party!...regardless if he had 5 shots on party day.

He has his party hat on!

And the cake modeled after the hat is ready to eat!
But dinner is first. No problems here. Chris loves to eat!

Now it's cake time!

Braydon was dying to get in on the action.

I think Braydon likes Christophers hat. Either that or he's trying to show Chris his backhand.

Chris's cousins helped him open his presents.

Ok so that pretty much sums up the Yerke party. The next day was the Hutton party. But I guess Christopher was all caked out. He didn't want anything to do with it this time.

We may have gotten it all over him, trying to get him excited about it, but this was the sad. But Grandma Hutton thinks it's pretty funny! (I was there was funny.)
I kept trying to tell him not to cry, becuase like his hat says, 'It's FUN to be ONE'. But later, he told me it's his party and he'll cry if he wants to. I guess I can't argue with that.