Monday, October 4, 2010

Before and Afters

Uh, Hi. I don't know if you remember us, but we're the Yerkes. We haven't blogged in a while. I guess that's pretty obvious. I don't think we'll promise that we'll be better bloggers, because quite frankly, blogging frustrates me (Sarah). Just little things like how I accidentally deleted 5 photos I was going to share. Yeah, that's why I don't blog. Oh yeah, and there's that thing about the first photo you upload, becomes the last on your post...I always forget about that. Why can't the computer just know that the first thing I want to talk about comes first, and then everything else comes after that, in that order? Does anyone else feel that way? Or am I just so blogger un-savvy?

Well anyway, you don't have to answer that. Here are some before and afters photos of me trying to turn our house into more than just walls and a roof. Oh by the way, we bought a house in Stansbury Park, Ut. Moved in Jan '10. If you don't know where Stansbury is, maybe you've heard of Tooele? It's over there, about 20 min west of SLC. I like it because it's in the country; so we don't have all the traffic; and the views are awesome; but I can escape to the city in less than a half hour!

Here's great big empty wall. I put up the paper to see if the layout of photos was what I wanted.

And this is how it turned out. I love it!

This was the "rocking chair" I was using in Chris's room. To give it a little credit, it's called 'The Big Boy' and it is the most coveted camp chair around the camp fire. But it did lack the whole rocking aspect. And it was difficult to get out of when I was holding a sleeping baby.

I was just waiting for the rocking chair which I was given (thank you Jim and Heidi!) to be refinished. As you can see it was white, which didn't really go in Chris's room.

And I don't have a picture of the original pads but Jim and Heidi also gave us this baby swing with fabric that was almost identical. They had kids in the 90's when the teal with the pink scribbles was totally radical. (And we so appreciate them saving that stuff for us for when we could use it!)
But it didn't go in Chris's room either. So Craig painted the chair black, and I had the pads re-upholstered. (Any of you Stansburyians need any re-upholstering done, I know just the man to call...he charged me $25 for labor, fabric, and extra padding! I couldn't even find slip-covers online for less than $90. It's just a hobby of his that he does out of his garage. He's so sweet too.)

And this is how it turned out. Much better.