Friday, January 6, 2012

I've had a few requests....

...To update my blog. And to show some pregnancy photos. For those of you who didn't know we are expecting baby boy #2 on January 25th. My guess is he will join our family sometime in February. Just a guess, not hoping for it, but just being realistic.

Both requests are completely overwhelming becuase I need to share the entire year of 2011 and I haven't taken any belly photos this pregnancy. The one motivating factor that actually has me typing is that I feel it's only fair to my unborn child that I document something on his behalf. Maybe he'll smile on me from high and greet us sooner...just maybe.
It just so happens I was pregnant for almost the whole I'm totally killing 2 birds with one stone here.

In February we got a dog. A chocolate lab. Named her Cedar.

This was our first day with Cedar. It was like Christmas morning all over again. I'll never forget how much we used to love her. Ha, just kidding. It was a special day for all of us though, unforgettable.

This photo is just funny. Chris was avoiding the diapering, lotioning, and clothing routine after bathtime for a while and wanted to ride his horse instead. That was ok with us because now we have this photo for blackmail sometime in the future.

In March we got a fence. Dont worry, it goes all the way around the house.

We took some family photos in April.

Chris has always been such a helper in the kitchen. I think he just got done cleaning a bowl of chocolate when I took this picture.

I went with Craig to Vegas for his PA conference this year. I happen to be pregnant in this picture.

We got to go to Pawn Stars. It was cool. We didn't see Chumlee though.

I ran a half marathon in June. I am pregnant in this picture too. Only 6 weeks though.

We went to California this summer to visit Nana.

While we were there we went to Yosemite. Another preggo pic. 11 weeks.

We also took a drive out to the Redwoods and saw the Giant Sequoia trees. As you can see from the picture there are 4 tall people and one big kid stretched out across the trunk of this tree and we still didn't reach end to end.

They made a walk way through this giant tree. And here's a close up preggie pic!

Here's another one of them big trees.

Chris had a good time helping Daddy out in the garage this summer.

And then Chris turned 2 in September!

He had a little helper opening presents. And here's a total belly shot of me! I'm around 5 months pregnant.

We planted Canna Lillies in the front flower bed. Here you can see how tall they grew. Almost as tall as Craig. Luckily I got this picture before we cut them all down. And you can also see how big Cedar is now.

Here we are pumkin carvin. Belly shot! 6 months.

Here are our finished pumpkins and our little football player.

Another family photo. And another belly shot!

I have dusted off my sewing machine and found me a little pregnancy hobby. Here you can see an almost finished quilt for Chris's big boy bed. (I really wish I were more of a blogger but I would really rather be sewing something. And that is something I never thought I'd hear myself say).

Santa brought Chris a hoop and we couldn't be more pleased, especially becuase we dont have to make a hoop with our arms for him anymore. And this is a total belly shot of me. See that baby poking out there?

Ok really here's the only profile belly photo I've taken and it's straight off the digi today. Totally fresh. 37 weeks.


Nick Paige and Josh said...

Glad to see your YEAR! Geeze! :)

Stacie said...

Yea! A blog! It's a miracle! I loved seeing the Cali pictures since I only heard about it, but couldn't picture it myself. :) Don't worry, I have another preggers pic for you that I'll send your way from the shower.

And I still maintain that you should blog for yourself, and not for us. But I also will keep bugging you relentlessly if you only do it once a year!

Kenny, Brittani, and Shiloh said...

Hope you don't mind that I keep up with you on occasion by checking your blog.:) Good luck with little guy #2 and congrats!

Kim said...

Yay!! Yay!! Yay for an update. That quilt is amazing. Great job on documenting a whole year :)

Sam, Jill and Aubrey said...

Yeah for the update! But I am def not any better at the blog thing lately, haha! I was just wondering how things were going for you guys as the date draws nearer. Thinking of you all!!

Olga said...

Yay! I'm so excited that you posted on your blog. I love your comments! You are so funny. :)

Chet and Lisa said...

You look so cute pregnant! Cant wait to see pictures of the new baby! I am so glad that you updated and i am so impressed with your sewing skills! Miss you!