Sunday, December 7, 2008

What I really want for Christmas this year...

I'm sure this has been on a lot of minds as we are in the middle of this Christmas season. I have been thinking about all the Christmases (sp?) past and last year seems to stick out. I have the pictures to back up my reasoning. For Christmas last year, Craig and I bought ourselves a GPS so we wouldn't be terribly lost around here anymore and with the help of family we were able to go home to Utah to see them. We agreed that would be it and we didn't need any more gifts for each other. Well...we both broke the rules. I got Craig a knife sharpening kit that he told me about but had no idea I was actually listening. And I bought him Pirates of the Carribean 3 because he loves Pirates, as you can see from our Haloween costumes. Funny story, which is off the topic, but I accidentaly ended up buying Pirates 2, which we already had, but neither of us realized it until we went to watch it at his Moms house a week later! And his nephew was the one to point it out! We didn't even notice. Ha ha, so back to the story.
It was Christmas Eve and we were flying out in the morning. Before I leave on trips not only do I have to pack, but the entire house must be clean so it's not such a disaster when you get back. Criag doesn't necissarily agree, especially since it was Christmas Eve, we should have been sitting around drinking eggnog. But he helped me clean the house anyway. We were all done and getting ready for bed and Craig semi-scolded me for not turning off the lights on the tree because I was the last one in the living room. He went to turn them out and I asked him to take out the trash. Right when he left I sprinted around to my hiding places to gather up his presents, put them under the tree, turned the tree back on, and went back to bed, my heart pounding with excitement. About 30 seconds later Craig walked in and really scolded me this time for turning the tree lights back on, but about 3 seconds later he found his surprise gifts! His scolding immediately turned into excitement and joy. He was so surprised and happy just to see the gifts, but then when he opened them, he was even more surprised that I remembered about his silly little kit. (ha ha j/k Criag, it's not silly). The look on his face was absolutely priceless! I took these pictures and thought he looked like a little boy on Christmas morning knowing that Santa came the night before. The look on his face is what I want for Christmas every year now. But this year things have been a bit different...we are trying to put that look on others faces by serving and surprising them. It has been so fun, and as it turns out "the look" has been on our faces too! Who knew?! So what will you do to have "the look" this year?