Sunday, August 2, 2009

Growth Spurt & Surgery

Craig had surgery on his shoulder about 3 weeks ago. He can count 3 times he has majorly dislocated it since he was 16, thank you trampolines. So he finally decided it was time to tighten up some tendons. The doctors found a little more damage than just some loose tendons however. They had to stitch his labrum back on too. So with the labrum stitched back on and the capsule tightened it should be back to normal after a 6 month recovery. The picture below was taken a few hours after he got home. He looks happy because his entire right arm is still numb. I didn't take a picture of him writhing in pain after the nerve block wore off. Craig has become quite ambidextrious. Look at him play the wii with his left hand! That was probably the first thing he learned.
This is me at 32 weeks. I've experienced a growth spurt in the belly over the past month. And the last time I was at the doctor's office I made the nurse measure how tall I am too. Growing up we would measure our height every 6 months. I haven't lived at home for quite a while. I must have had a growth spurt sometime between now and then because I'm now officially 6'3"! I may have been that tall for a while but now it's official.