Saturday, January 10, 2009

Saving the best for last...

Or I guess the ways these posts show up this one will be first. Oh well, sorry Mom this just had to be done. You know that song, "Grandma got ran over by a Reindeer"? Yeah well this picture needs to be published on the CD cover of that single.

Looks like there is a reindeer charging right behind my Mom, or my Mom is the reindeer.
Either way I always enjoy seeing you smile and laugh so much Mom. You're beautiful.

The remaining child in the Hutton household.

All smiles...what a nice big bow you have Mom!

My Mom tries to hear secrets while covering at least one ear...silly Mom.

She finally had to break down and laugh from all the goofy poses my Dad gave.

Christmas Laughs

Christmas this year was full of laughs! Actually, whenever we get together with family we always laugh. It's like all the other emotions just turn off. I think my Mom may have had the most laughs. Maybe because she's married to the goofiest guy. I love that as a quality actually. You all can see for yourself...

He was so excited to show us his new slippers!

How ironic that my Dad's goofy face is right my my Mom's new 'Live, LAUGH, Love' picture.

Who ever said you needed little kids to have fun on Christmas?