Saturday, October 25, 2008

Tag...6 Quirks

Link the person who tagged you. Mention rules on your blog. Tell about 6 quirks of yours. Tag 6 fellow bloggers to do the same. Leave a comment to let them know. I was tagged by
6 Quirks?? I am definitely too normal to be tagged for this. Ha ha, just kidding, but it really took me a while to think of 6 quirky things I do. But here they go....

1) Falling asleep...I always like to fall asleep with the covers tucked around my shoulders with my head sticking out (it can never be under the covers). then I like to swing one leg up and around the covers so just one foot is sticking out. It allows the perfect amount of ventilation through so I don't get too hot and not to stuffy. I think it's genious but Craig thinks it's so weird.

2) Condiments....I hate condiments. I have never liked Mayo, mustard, or ketchup. I prefer most things dry and crunchy. While most people mix tuna with mayo/miracle whip, I use cottage cheese becuase I can't stand the taste and consistency of mayo. While many people like to eat those nachoes you get at gas stations, or at basketball games, completely loaded with cheese so the chips get soggy, I think it is revolting. I would much rather go hungary than eat soggy chips due to nacho cheese. Yuck! I am a texture eater and I like crunch and not sog.

3) Bananas....since I'm thinking about food...I like my bananas yellow with a bit of green around the edges. If there is one brown spot on the skin, it's too ripe and worthy of banana bread.

4) Bone Poppin Routine...My joints pop a lot. I admit I started poping my knuckles when I was young and since then I've learned how to pop may more joints. And now they feel strange if they're not popped from time to time. A lot of times they pop on their own with out any twisting or pushing but a lot is also self inflicted. In fact, I do so much bone poppin I now have a routine. In the morning when I wake up I sit on the side of the bed and twist my back around on both sides and my whole back cracks. Then I tilt my head to one side and the other to pop my neck. Then I stand up and walk to the bathroom and my ankles and feet just start crackin and sometimes my knees and hips. Then when I sit down to empty my bladder, I pop both thumbs and usually the rest of my fingers. After I've been typing or writing a lot I have to again pop my fingers and I move my wrists in a circular motion and there's a lot of little cracks as a result. Sometimes when I stretch my arms out wide and pull them behind my back my chest pops. That one is a bit freaky. Then when I've had my shoes on all day and I finally take them off, I have to pop each one of my toes or else they feel cramped. I blame Craig for that. He just started pullin on my toes one time and now if he pulls one he has to pull them all or I feel really uncomfortable.

5) Multitasking....Normally one would believe this to be a good quality but it has become a type of disease for me. One thing that I've learned by working at Enterprise is that you must continue to do things while the customer you are helping tells you the play by play of the accident they were just in. This has now translated to almost everything I do. One dangerous example is multitasking while driving. I figure I'm just sitting there I might as well be doing something else. So I usually get in the car in the morning, eat breakfast, take off my shoes (it's easier to clutch that way), put on my seatbelt, make a phone call, and catch my huge mug from tipping over all at the same time. The other example has to do with bedtime. When I was younger getting ready for bed meant taking off my clothes and putting on on of my Dad's T-shirts to make a nightgown. Now that I'm afraid I might get cavities and/or acne, I have to do things like take out my contacts, wash my face, and brush my teeth. I don't like doing all these things when I'm dead tired so I try and combine them all at once. I usually paste up my toothbrush and start brushing while I once again, empty my bladder, then I spit and wash my hands at the same time, splash some water on my face for washing, then since my hands are clean it's perfect timing to pop out a lens from each eye. I hurry and wash my face, rince and since my clothes were half off in order to go to the bathroom, I just continue to wiggle out of them while I do all those other things and then, wah-lah, I am basically ready to start sleeping before the toilet bowl even has a chance to fill back up! Amazing, I know!

6) Security...Insead of haveing a blanket or a teddy bear anymore I have a huge purse with everything I could possibly need durning the day in it. It sometimes feels really heavy and I try to clean it out and ditch some things, but I end up leaving everything in there because I worry that once I take it out I'll need it the next day. Such things include a pouch for pens, a nail file, finger nail clippers, a hair pick, hair elastics, hair spray, lotion, germ-X, body spray, deoderant, tums, advil, vitamins, tampons (of course), gum, chap stick, like 4 colors of lip stick, eye drops, a mirror, a pad of paper, tide to go, dental floss, and of course my wallet. Everyone loves me though when they have a headache, or a tummy ache, or a bad hair day, or a hang nail, or dry skin. Heaven forbid these things go on during the day, untreated and endured.

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