Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Pregnancy in photos

Here is a running list of Photos showing the pregnancy in various stages of joy and duress.

This is Sarah sporting the kid at somewhere around 7 weeks. As you can see I was not back from Utah yet and didn't actually even know that she was pregnant yet.

This is her at 19 weeks and may people at this time were either jealous or don't beleive that she is pregnant. I guess it pays to be 6'3'' and still growing

Okay so now I am starting to think that she is pregnant at 26 weeks. The good thing is that she is not puking after every meal or when I do something mildly gross. Oh the happy days.

Thats right strut your stuff and show us what you got in there at 32 weeks

Oh 38 weeks and the countdown begins. I often find her walking around the house in this exact pose. I hear that it helps