Sunday, November 23, 2008

Lost in New York

Where's Craig, Where's Craig? Oh there he is.

Craig, Sarah, Paige, and Nick

The four of us having a blast in Central Park


Pumkin Carvin

I say we get a little competition going on this one. Read who's pumpkin is who's below and then vote on which one you think is the best.

Left to right: Paige's, Sarah's, Craig's, and Nick's.

Halloween Pirates

ARG, there be some darn fine pirates,

Paul Revere

For someone so important Paul Revere didn't have that impressive of a headstone when he was buried.

Tour Bus in Boston

Leave me alone I'm thirsty. Oh they both seem so enthusiastic

Globe that used to stand in the center of the World Trade Centers.

Ground Zero

Ground Zero as it is today. You can still see the foundations of the original towers in the bottom right.

This is St. Pauls Chapel that was directly across the street from the World Trade Centers. This is where all of the fire fighters went to rest and eat while working in ground zero "THE PIT"

Teresa and Steve Visit New York

Teresa, Steve, and Sarah posing infront of the Statue of Liberty at sunset.