Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hats, Bobble-heads & Laughs

I don't think I ever mentioned that got a sewing machine for Christmas. Well I did. Eager for an easy project I made Craig a new surgical hat, which he is so beautifully modeling below. What a great accessory to his plain blue scrubs, don't you think?

Craig wanted in on the fun so he decided to make Christopher a hat too, which is also being modeled below.

Then Craig proceded to tie up the boy. I'm not quite sure why. Maybe since he had his new thinking cap on, he thought he would try a body cast. He does like to practice those things at home...

I know becuase I've been the guiney pig before...

When Daddy comes home it's time to play. Craig can always get the best laughs out of Christopher. (you will need to turn off the music player so you can hear his cute laugh).

Here is our sleppy, bobble-head boy.