Saturday, June 20, 2009

Graduation #1 Done

So Craig is officially graduated from Quinnipiac University despite the un-celebratory, un-graduated mood that the day held. That could be because Craig and all of his classmates still had to go to work the next day. They still have to get through the next two months of class, and they still have to make it through the PANCE (Physicians Assistant National Certification Exam). And that exam doesn't even come until after Graduation #2 on August 8th. They make grad school so complicated.

A Graduation Present

Hey Craig, what did you find in the washing machine?

Oh it's a wii!

Congratulations on graduating!...even though it's not quite over. At least now you'll have something else to do besides study...and recover from shoulder surgery. Hopefully this will be good at home physical therapy.

Oh he's just so dang cute when he's surprised, isn't he?

Oh by the way...It's a Boy!

Here's the Yerke baby boy, just chillin at 20 weeks.
He has 10 little fingers!

Here is a 3D of the little guy sucking his thumb. Yes we know he already has go-go-gadget arms.

A Photo Timeline

Finally, I am getting around to updating you all on my pregnancy progress. There hasn't been much to see or say before now. Ok actually I am just really lazy and slow. Enjoy the photos!
This is me at 8 weeks taking a self-portrait because Craig was still working in Utah.
This was me at 12 weeks. A stick figure with my head over a toilet, or trash can. Clearly too miserable be posing for any pictures.

19 weeks

26 weeks